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Introducing Better Than Data Coaching!

Deliver insights to your clients on a silver platter!

A hands-on coaching program designed to help you make more money by delivering data-driven insights

“We’ll show you exactly how to improve client retention by increasing the value your agency provides, and delivering meaningful insights!”

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Founder | VitalTechResults
"Better Than Data is the perfect online course platform for busy professionals who want to up their game. Whether you're a business executive, a stay-at-home mom, or just want to improve your productivity, their courses and resources will teach you the skills you need to achieve success.

Their courses are awesome but the best part is the exclusive Slack group! With Better Than Data's Slack group, you can connect with other members. Another cool thing to look forward to each month is the option and ask questions during live monthly hangouts."

Ahmad Kanani

Ahmad Kanani

Founder | Siavak
"I’ve found Better Than Data so unusually attractive as an offer (before joining) and so incredibly valuable as a program (after joining) that I’m genuinely happy to recommend it to anyone running a measurement-focused agency or freelance business who wants to stay top of the game.
I joined as a foundation member last year and can’t recommend it highly enough!

Sean Webster​

Sean Webster​

Founder | Mac 'n Cheese Media
'I can’t express how much of an impact Stockton has made on my Business. If you get an opportunity to work with him, you should definitely do that”​

James Santiago

James Santiago

Agency | Ads Manager
"I freakin love these weekly updates!!!

Your confidence makes me confident I made the right choice to be a member of BTD! "

Anne H

Anne H

Founder | Analytics Consultants
"I highly recommend "Better than Data". Whether you are a beginner, experienced marketer, or webmaster, you will find valuable information and insights that will help you.

JJ and Stockton are truly dedicated to helping their members succeed and it shows in everything they do from the lessons to membership calls. Their foundation series offers great video lessons which are short and casual, but complete. The length makes it easier for me to fit into my schedule.

They also stay on top of the issues such as Google limiting access to some of their APIs."

Giacomo Galanti

Giacomo Galanti

Digital Analyst | Digital.Galanti
"I really like JJ and Stockton's way of going deep. I have collected many interesting ideas and new ways of doing some things compared to before, both on the GA4 and GTM side but also on other things such as ideas on strategies and tactics in Looker Studio. I really like the informal style and practicality of the guys. I also find the Slack channel dedicated to subscribers very interesting.."

Are you constantly worried about losing clients?

How Can I Do Better?

Other agencies seem so happy and successful! It seems like their clients are eating up every word they say like honey and have no problem paying their invoices every month.

How many times have you hopped into a client’s account and everything was spotless? It never happens! There’s almost always something that needs to be fixed. Does actually fixing it properly seems just out reach?

Things seem to go in circles for weeks and weeks trying to get things set up properly for our clients.

Game Changing Results

As the director of marketing for an 8 figure ecommerce brand and because I knew how to set up the data collection, we were able to move quickly and provide simple yet advanced measurement without having to waste time or rely on other contractors/agencies to get things done. One time, after properly setting up Facebook tracking and Conversions API (we’ll show you how to do this in the courses by the way), we saw an immediate boost in performance! The better data being sent to Facebook almost instantly lowered our CPAs and launched the ROAS!

At the end of the day we were able to start testing things, and working ON the business knowing that our data foundation was in place. We were confident in the numbers, because we knew exactly how they got there. If there was ever a question on the numbers, we could validate the questions because we controlled the entire pipeline. The business was able to move forward with optimizing the ads, the landing pages, the emails, and the offers with confidence and speed.

(30 days before and after implementing proper tracking for ecommerce brand)

The System That Works

This is the exact same system that we want to teach you how to implement for your clients! How you can improve your existing services with a solid data foundation. Increase the value you’re providing by offering additional insights to your customers, and be so valuable to your client’s everyday that they want to stay with you forever! You will have the confidence (and help – we’re in your back pocket) to WOW your clients and be seen as an integral part of their team.

Unique Coaching For Your Business

The system is called “Better Than Data” and it’s the only coaching program designed to help agencies and consultants add a high-margin service to their agency without being an expert in measurement already!

There’s already hours of content in the membership area, but we’re just getting started! Join us at the ground floor to help influence and get personalized training and help.

Are you ready to skyrocket your agency/consultancy?

Your Clients Want To Know What’s Working And What’s Not…

… You Can Be The One To Show Them.

Retain Your Clients

Because you play a critical role in the success of your client’s business, they will keep coming back to you for insights and help on optimizing their business.

Agency Efficiency

SOP’s, templates, courses, and live help are all available to help you implement the right systems in your business that will improve your efficiency.


Adding on Data-As-A-Service doesn’t require a ton of overhead but is highly valuable and has a very high margin.

Right Now Is The Lowest Price BTD Will Ever Be!

Doors Closing In:


Here’s what’s included with Better Than Data Unlimited:

*Coming Soon

Please remember, not everything is built yet, that’s why it is a founders launch! Check our roadmap for the timeline. As a founding member, you can learn AND influence the future of Better Than Data.

Better Than Data Unlimited Is Designed To Improve Your Existing Services

Are You Running Paid Ads?

You can’t run profitable ads if you don’t know what campaigns are driving results. Your services will provide the invaluable link between campaigns and actual performance. You’ll also be able to fix/improve anything that may be off with the tracking.

Do You Help With SEO?

Getting the right data for Search Engine Optimization can be challenging! Not only that, but you have to combine and blend data together in order to get the best view of what’s working, what’s not, and what to fix.

Building Funnels And Pages For Clients?

When you are building new funnels and new pages, how do you determine “performance”? What does that really mean? We will show you how to measure all the behaviors on the page and how to get insights from them.

Doing Conversion Rate Optimization?

How can you properly do CRO without good data? You wouldn’t believe how many “big” CRO agencies we’ve seen not even properly installing Google Analytics. 

Imagine adding on a service that will improve client retention, increase your monthly retainer, and improve your existing services… What would that be worth to you?

Introducing “Better Than Data”

Monthly membership with trainings and support to help you fortify your business against terrible contractors and client turnover!

🚀 Efficiency. 💵 Profitability. 🎉 Retention.

Trina Kearney

Founder, Virtual Trina

Jordan Hill

Founder | Blue Highlighted Text

Tammy Martin

Agency Owner, Martin Marketing

Sean Webster

Founder, Mac n’ Cheese Media

Irene Pollak

Founder, Rumble Media

Fiona Smallwood

Measurement Marketer | The Peoples Digital

Not Just Courses and Coaching

Better Than Data Unlimited comes with all the supporting resources to give you the upper-hand on improving your agencies efficiency and profitability!

Foundations of Data

Short, sweet, and incredibly effective trainings to give you the required building blocks for strategizing and working with specific tools.

Private Community

The “Go To” place to get the help and answers you need quickly. Whether from us, or from others, we’re all here to help and grow.

Business Strategy

You’re not alone in this! We will teach you exactly how to maximize efficiency and wow your clients with your existing and new data services!

SOP Library

Everything you need to plug’n’play is documented and ready for you to use. From training your team, to building incredible measurement systems.. it’s all there.

Template Library

To quickly implement specific things for you or your clients. We regularly add to this and take requests from the community.


Who are you learning from?

JJ Reynolds

🌴 Born & raised in Hawaii

🍷 Went to College in Napa Valley, CA

📚 Received a B.S. in BS 💩 ( Also known as a communication degree, lol)

🎥 During College worked for production companies & ad agencies.

🤑 I managed to get my sticky paws on managing hundreds of thousands of ad dollars.

👎 Decided that wasn’t for me because most clients didn’t know “what is happening”.

📊 Threw myself into the world of Digital analytics & measuring the “story on the page”

💪 Built Mediauthentic from nothing to “Tell the story” not only the numbers.

Stockton Fisher

Hey, I’m Stockton!

⚖️ Almost graduated with a degree in accounting (great story for another time)

👼 Just had his first-born baby

🖥️ Former product manager at Funnelytics

🚀 Former director of Marketing for 8 figure ecommerce brand

📑 Joined forces with Mediauthentic to provide world class measurement systems to clients

👨‍🏫 Loves to teach and educate around tracking and measurement

Ready To Get Started With Better Than Data Unlimited?

Here’s some of what you’re going to get! Please remember, not everything is built yet, that’s why it is a founders launch! Check our roadmap for the timeline. As a founding member, you can learn AND influence the future of Better Than Data.

*Coming Soon

We're currently onboarding and welcoming our current members

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Sunset Pricing That Makes Sense

Everything lasts forever… except the payments.

Tri Pay

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Pay Monthly

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*After 13 Months You’re In For Life

Yes, you read that right! You can pay once and be in for life! Or break up the payments, you’ll still be in for life.

🌶️ Feeling Spicy? Pay all up front & dont worry about ever paying again link 🌶️

Please remember, not everything is built yet, that’s why it is a founders launch! Check our roadmap for the timeline. As an early member, you can learn AND influence the future of Better Than Data.


Of course!

There’s no gate, or doorman you have to go to in order to get the high quality support that you need and want.

The real Stockton and JJ will be inside of the Slack Community, hosting trainings, and answering questions!

Get this -> Every Monday we share behind the scenes of what we are working on 🙂 

If you are looking for a loop hole we are not for you.

We are in the habit of delivering HUGE value, not taking money hostage. 

We are real life people not an Amazon purchase you can quickly return. 

Just know if you ask for a refund you can never come back. We wont take your money. 

Refunds issued to date 👉 0

As we welcome more people into Better Than Data Unlimited we will have more action packed paths for you!

Currently, you get everything listed above on this page!

  • All Foundation Courses
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Looker Studio
    • GA4 (Coming December) 
    • BigQuery (Coming January)
    • Google Sheets (Coming February)
  • All Strategy Corners
    • Value Positioning 
    • Client Communications (Coming November)
  • Action paths 
    • Conversion Tracking 
    • Facebook Reporting (Coming December)
  • All the current and future trainings, templates, resources, downloads, and more!

Whether you on a monthly plan or decided to just pay up front, once you pay, you won’t ever have to pay any more for the membership. 

This price WILL go up in the future, so the price you see now is the lowest it’s ever going to be again.

While we don’t provide ANY guarantees (everyone is different and you still have to put in some work), we’ve been doing this for awhile and consistently charge $3k -$10k / month. 

Yes, just shoot us a DM & we’ll send you a link :p 

Only active members can be an affiliate. 

Unfortunately no 🙁 

We offer async help & 1 live call a month. 

If you want 1:1 live consulting we do charge an hourly rate for that.  

If you cancel before your full payment you will be removed from the system & slack channel. 

If you have something major come up. Send a message! we are real people happy to make it work for you! 

There’s currently HOURs of training available in the members area, but the library isn’t complete yet.

As a founding member, you can help to influence what content we should make next and get personal help on your specific situation.

Enrollment  Period:

February 28 – March 8


12 Months your in for life*