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Who is running this ship?

Well that would be us two!

We share all the tips, tricks, & strategy to help you build your business’ arm of data.

There are just two promises we are making

:one:  We will share all we learn by managing


:two: It will be fun and actionable! Most people talk about data with monotone voices & get caught in the weeds of data for data’s sake. We want to help you take action on it faster than ever!

I was laughing out loud at certain parts of your video too. It was nice and light but power packed with helpful tips!
Tammy Martin
Indeed sharing epic —thanks for the blending masterclass! I'll give that a go. I think I got it. Cheers
Youtube Subscriber
Another masterpiece by you
Shivay Shakti
I really appreciate the creativity, time, and attention you put into this video. It was super helpful!
Sarah Montoro
Nice demo. It sparked many ideas. Thanks!
Brother... You just solved a problem I've had since 2020... Oh my god, the number of headaches with weird blending you have saved me.
Matthew Pitcock
Great video. Your use cases are specific and useful.
Jeff Monroe
I dont understand why such an awesome video and incredible presenter has so few views!
Shivay Shakti
Oh wow, thanks for the videos you are truly a star!! It def was a doozy of a question thanks for all the troubleshooting you did -eeek I owe you! It was a tricky question to articulate so trying to find something on the www was not resulting in any solutions for me. Thanks for teaching me, totally makes sense and you made it look simple. Looking forward to your guest speaking in Jen's group next week!! Again I really appreciate your time.
Trina K.
Hey JJ It's funny - that's how I typically use filtering. Sequester an area at report level, branding it a bit and naming it a control panel kind of idea. O hank you so much for the feedback, I've been bouncing between cutting some of the items that might not be both relevant and necessary, so having you ech that sentiment offers some much needed clarity! Keep fighting the good fight and love the channel so far — you're definitely hitting the right niche with the right attitude.
It is awesome and wonderful
Sriniwaas Maramgantti
This is really helpful
Glenn Schmelzle
Thank you Bro.
Madhusudanan Srambikkal
You are awesome for this! Thank you!
San G

Watch This Before Anything Else

Education + Data + Fun!

What more could you ask for?

Things We've Made!

This is a list of nearly every project we’ve worked. This includes both active and failed/successful past projects. We are honest that not everything works, but if you focus on the data you will that and be back on a better horse.

Better Than Data Unlimited

This is our 6 month coaching roadmap & every project we are working on. There is no catch, we are honest & show you behind the curtain on everything we can (clients don’t like us touting their data around the internet) but we pull no punches.

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Launched in late 2021, JJ created DataStudio.VlP as a side project to share some of the fun things you can do in GDS to streamline your workflows & build both Sexy & Actionable Dashboards.

Check out DSVIP


Founded by way back in 2016. There have been several iterations of services offered by the agency. The goal is to have 5 people who can provide the best possible insight & actions into the business as possible! Where Marketing Data meets action

See Agency Services

The Data Pipeline SOP Library

From GTM, GA4, to SQL; Created by Stockton to help with the systems and process of operating within the Google Ecosystem. We add & revise new SOPs into this nearly every quarter & pull from it internally to wow clients.

Exclusive to BTD


Nearly every business in the world needs to be generating leads! But, “is it working” is the problem. We created ltLeadsToRevenue.com as a
SaaS product to easily allow the every day business owner to know if their leads are turning into revenue 8 how long it takes!

Coming Soon!

CAPI Connection Hub

A mini “Zapier” like WordPress plugin designed specifically for sending data to Facebook through the Conversions API. Easily connect all of your data sources via webhooks and enjoy 100% of the events being sent to Facebook. All formatted nicely and following all the best practices.

Using wordpress?

Stand Alone Courses

DataStudio Efficiency

Made for Agencies and Consultants to be more efficient at managing their Dashboarding process and efficiency

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Google Tag Manager Foundations

This is our 6 month coaching roadmap & every project we are working on. There is no catch, we are honest & show you behind the curtain on everything we can (clients don’t like us touting their data around the internet) but we pull no punches.

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Archived Projects

NonProfitMarketing Essentials

JJ created this in early 2020 With the hope to help schools & small nonprofits build and maintain their websites during the pandemic, when everyone was at home. Unlimited Ticketing system allowed teachers to easily submit change & feature requests. Ultimately it was shut down once everyone got back to in person shooting 

In the graveyard


Stockton’s first successful business allowed him to dip his toes in all things online marketing. Started as a local service business and quickly grew to be a regional hit! At-home-private swimming lessons was going to be the next Uber of swimming lessons and allowed him to combine his love for swimming and business into one venture.

In the graveyard

About the people #personel

JJ Reynolds

Hi I’m JJ ,

My personal origin story looks like this.

🌴 Born & raised in Hawaii

🍷 Went to College in Napa Valley, CA

📚 Received a B.S. in BS 💩 ( Also known as a communication degree, lol)

🎥 During College worked for production companies & ad agencies.

🤑 I managed to get my sticky paws on managing hundreds of thousands of ad dollars.

👎 Decided that wasn’t for me because most clients didn’t know “what is happening”.

📊 Threw myself into the world of Digital analytics & measuring the “story on the page”

💪 Built Mediauthentic from nothing to “Tell the story” not only the numbers.

💯 We now manage 8-15 clients & we create the most action based data strategies on the internet.

😍 Now working with the team to allow others to follow this path of “Action > Data”.

Now I am living in Reno, NV with my Fiance Megan!

In my free time, I love mountain biking & hiking!

Hope to see you around the internet!


Stockton Fisher

Hey, I’m Stockton!

One of my favorite things to do is go swimming! As I’ve gotten older I find that I love more and more to just relax by the beach, but swimming has always been my go to! 🏊‍♂️

All during my teenage years I taught swimming lessons at my local pool. After graduating, I thought to myself, how can I merge my love for business with my love for teaching swimming lessons?

From there I started my “successful” business. I would travel to people’s homes and teach private swimming lessons in their own pools! It was fantastic! I love doing it! 

This is how I began to learn about digital marketing. I had to figure out how to get my own clients. I learned to build my own website, run ads, set up Google My Business and my maps listing. 

I basically had the monopoly in my area for private swimming lessons because of everything I was doing to be everywhere locally.

Doing all of the made me love the online, tracking, and analytics side of things. 

Since then, I’ve immersed myself in digital marketing. From being the product manager at an Analytics SaaS company, to being the Director of Marketing for a 9 figure ecommerce brand. 

Now, I want to share my experience with you. 

I can’t wait to see you on the inside 🙂 


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