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There might be others out there that do something better, but
these work and we have active subscriptions for. If you know
something is unequivocally better, don’t hesitate to drop us a
line, but not something that is ‘just different’.


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Common Measurement


The bread and butter tool for tracking and measurement. Google Tag Manager is an absolute must when it comes to setting up measurement for our clients. It’s incredibly flexible and powerful.


GA4 is the new industry standard for analytics platforms. This free platform from Google is where they are adding all the their development resources and attention. So we use it heavily with our clients.

Looker Studio

 Formerly Google Data Studio, Looker Studio has the biggest library of connectors (both paid and free) that makes it super easy to bring in data from anywhere, visualize, blend, and get actionable insights from.

Google Sheets

The ultimate database! The flexibility and breadth of use-cases is unparalleled with Google Sheets. From quick analysis to long standing reporting with advanced formulas, Google Sheets is there for it all – and it Excels 😉!


BigQuery is the big data playground for adults! We use BigQuery when the datasets have graduated from Google Sheets or we want to do some advanced sorting and aggregations in SQL. Not required for every project, but we still use it heavily.

Operations Tools


The industry standard for communicating. We love slack because most of our clients are on slack and we can have a shared channel with them without having to leave our space.


The swiss-army knife/secret weapon for organization! This replaces Clickup, a CRM, and SOP library. We store everything here (including memes)! Notion is so flexible it can get a bit overwhelming, but our motto is to keep everything super simple!

Looker Studio Connectors

Power My Analytics

This is what we use for our clients. It’s affordable, it’s reliable, and it just works! We’re able to get everything we need to build sweet sweet reports using Power My Analytics.

Two Minute Reports

The most budget friendly and feature ritch Looker Studio connector on the market. Connect multiple ad accounts or GA4 accounts to a single report that is Cached!  Nothing better on the market

Payments and Leads


Our cart of choice. We use ThriveCart to handle all of the subscription payments with Better Than Data. We’re able to push ThriveCart’s limits with really cool tracking capabilities that no other funnel/cart platform offers!


The absolute easiest form builder that just works everywhere we put it. It’s simple yet super advanced. Allows us to send webhooks to our backend for better analysis AND it doesn’t use iframes! #win

Low Code Servers


When we want to quickly get Server-side Google Tag Manager setup and don’t want to worry about managing servers, we’ll use Stape. It’s affordable, reliable, and very quick to set up.

Bigquery and Transfer Services

Mixed Analytics

What’s the best way to get data from your API (ad platform metrics) into Google Sheets? Mixed Analytics! They have the best connectors and features for getting data efficiently into Google Sheets. A must have.

Analytics Canvas

Our go to tool for managing BigQuery & GA4 pipelines without losing your mind in SQL. Will you need to know some SQL? Probably, but this tool will make your life 3x easier when it comes to managing an end to end workflow without shaving years off your life.

Google Chrome Extensions

Tag Assistant

A must have when working with preview mode in Google Tag Manager. This will make the whole process more seamless.

Video Speed Controller

Hate sitting through slow speakers and long videos? This extension adds a handy dandy speed setting to speed up any embedded video

Data Layer Checker

We use this all the time to quickly see what the data layer looks like on the page. Saves having to open GTM preview or look in the console all the time.


Presenting or recording a video? Use this to blur certain fields or sections of the screen. The Blur will stick to the selected element so you can still move around.

Data Layer Inspector

When you want some additional + technical details in the developer console, this will add it all for you!

UTM Builder

Build those UTMs on the fly and keep everything consistent and organized

AI Tools

Typing Mind

Add Typing Mind

The typingmind AI tool provides a better UI chat experience. It uses the API & can adjust the version of GPT-3.5 model and offers temperature 0.7 selection and prompt libraries. No monthly fees.

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