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The Only Google Sheets GA4 API Template You’ll Need

Use mixed analytics to have an amazing interactable report in minutes! We have built the best API schema for a 4 page report 5 Minutes & deliver a Looker Studio Report that doesn’t break!

Ready For GA4 + LOOKER STUDIO Report That Actually Works?

How it works

This is designed for low volume sites (<10,000 sessions/month) that need a base Looker Studio report!  

Step 1: Get Started

Opt in & login to your BetterThan Data FREE account.

Watch the step by step video tutorials! 

How to connect Google Sheets, using mixed analytics & connecting your Looker Studio template.

Step Two: Using the upload

We have provided a Json file (list of instruction for a computer) which automatically configure your google sheet!

You can set this to run up to 14 months of historical data!

Step 3: Connect Your Looker Studio Template

Yes you heard that right! We built you a starting point for everything!

Tutorial, course, code, & dashboard!

You are good to go!

Couple of Nuances With This Method! 

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